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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Messing with Sketches...

I've been trying to get back into the swing of things again. I've been so busy with freelance I haven't had time to work on my own stuff. So I've been doing quick sketches and little sculptures to see what I want to do next. Below I did a quick little mixed media sketch. It's a mixture of water color, sharpie, and colored pencil. Then I said what the hell...I scanned it into Photoshop and played with it.

Before Photoshop...

After Photoshop...

Later, Joe D.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Visiting The Past...

So last weekend I decided to take advantage of the awesome weather and go for a hike with Carrie S. Ya know, give my fat ass some exercise. Anyways I decided to go back to where I used to hang out as a a young slug. Some things were the same and some had changed. When I was in High School and Jr. High, the quarry was considered a no man zone. 17 years ago when I used to hang there it was over grown with hidden paths, smashed abandoned cars and trash. We used to tag up the old mining buildings, play paintball, and have parties. It was perfect, no one went down there except me and my friends.

But now it's all cleaned up, and has marked hiking trails all over it. No more trash or smashed cars, except for one real old classic car. The paths leading to the Caves were almost completely gone. The Cave seemed to be lost, but I made my way back up to them and found them in pretty much the same shape as 17 years ago. The old mining building near the railroad tracks where we spent most of our time was still there but covered with this generations graffiti. I couldn't find any traces of our tags. I did find some old rusted CO2 cartridges from back when we played paintball.

So I took some pics of the place, and the new art on the walls. Check them out.

The old mining building.

Some of the tags. I really liked the figures.

The Caves.

The old school car I was talking about.

I hope you dug my little trip down memory lane.

Later - Joe D.