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Friday, August 15, 2008

Love and Lust logos

I was recently ask to do logos for the new classified sections for Hartford Advocate, New Haven Advocate, and The Fairfield County Weekly. As always it was last minute short notice type of thing. At first I had put together something for them using istock images per their request. But during a meeting they said "hey could you draw something." I said "sure, when?" They said, "could we have thumb nails by tomorrow?"

So here are the ruff thumb nails. I wanted them to go with my twisted Cupi Dolls on the right side, or the girl at the top stroking the "L" and licking the "T". They went with the weird heart shape concept in the center. In my experience the client barely ever goes with the one you really want. Maybe it's just me

This is the final version for the Love Links Logo. They wanted this one to be PG. The Love Links site is going to be for people wanting find someone to fall in love with and get married. It's not really my style and to be honest with you I don't really like it that much. Oh yeah, did I mention that once they approved the thumb nail I only had about three hours to do this one and the Lust Link logo. My time is pretty tight these days trying to juggle a full time job, freelancing, working with the MAC 650 Gallery, and gearing up for the Twinkies and Robots show coming in November.

Now this logo I kinda like. It's not my typical style, but I like the way it came out. This logo is going to be used for the lust link site. This is the naughty know, devoted to finding escorts, and other people who enjoy having sex with goats. Just kidding...OR AM I? But seriously I was told this morning that this Image will be going on thousands of condom packages as part of a promotional piece to help advertise the the websites launch. That is freaking sweet! I'll scan one and post it when they come out.

Later, Joe D.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Corporate Tagging

Everyday I come to work I have to walk down these freaken urine colored Hallways. And if that isn't bad enough, there are all these really old event posters hanging up all along the Hallway. After years they start to really get on a mans nerves.

So like a ninja armed with two markers...a red and black one I assassinated the the mo-fo. I grabbed the frame off the wall, took it apart, and flipped the poster over so I could draw on the back. This was done with stealth like speed. And just as quickly as I took it went right back up. I haven't gotten into trouble YET, but I have gotten a few high-fives from fellow co-workers.

Mission accomplished. New mission...lets see how many we can do before I'm stopped. Ha, Ha, Haaaaaa.