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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Having Fun...

So it seems lately with work and all the assemblages I've been making for shows, I haven't had much time to draw or paint. But none the less when I get a half an hour here or there I try and whip out a quick drawing. A lot of them are character ideas I have for paintings and sculptures.

"The Sliver"

"Little Joey"

"Jack the Ripper"

"The Ghoul"



"The Stye"

I'll post more. Later, Joe

Dia De Los Muertos Gallery Show

So here are some shots of my piece I put into the Day of the Dead show, I'm showing in right now at MAC 650 Artspace Gallery. It's up through out the end of the month if you would like to see it in person. I recommend checking it out, there is some real good art to see.

Later, Joe D.

Halloween Costumes

I know it's a little after the fact, but here is mine and Carrie's Costumes this year.


Atlantis Ruins

Back in September LEGO commissioned me to do two large foam sculptures of ruins from Atlantis. The pieces were going to be used for a themed room which was going to be used for the unveiling the new 2010 Atlantis product line. I had to base them some what on the prototype packaging. I busted these suckers out in 29 hours.

Above is the scale model I did for them first.

Later, Joe D.

Sea Monkey or Spud Eye?

Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm showing again...

Please come down to MAC 650 Gallery in Middletown CT this Saturday 7-10 and see my newest piece along with many other talented artists work. If you missed "The Addams Family Gathering" show you totally suck. BUT you can redeem yourself by attending this opening! Hope to see all you there even though I probably don't know you.

Later, Joe