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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Do Bunnies Lay Eggs?

So yesterday was Easter, and as I do every year, I wonder why the Hell is it bunnies and eggs. After thinking about for a while I started to wonder what it wound be like if bunnies did lay eggs. I also imagined that the Easter Bunny would have to lay eggs on the run, seeing how many stops he is required to make. So here is my quick drawing I did for a visual, for all those who ponder the very same question.

Also one final note. For all of you following the illustrations I was doing for the Hartford Advocates News of the Weird column, I am NO longer illustrating for them. My term of service for the Advocate came to an end a few weeks back, and they decided to go with an illustrator who would do it for basically free. I can understand their decision in these times, and my time isn't free. So it was kind of fun while it lasted.

Later, Joe

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Odd Ball...

So this past Saturday I had the honor of being asked by Real Artways to come and do one of my paintings on a nude model for the Odd Ball runway show. They really had to bend my armto get me to agree to take on such a task, yeah right. So I asked the lovely and Talented fellow artist Carrie Swider if she would be willing to come and give me a hand. So we were paired up with our model Miss Nicole, and we got to work. About an hour and an half into it we were informed that the runway show had been moved up an hour earlier. So I called in the big guns, Heather Groenstein, to help us finish our model. Luckily Heather had already finished her own model, so with her help we were able to get Nicole done in the half hour so she could hit the runway. Now is the time when I dork out and give a shout out to a few peeps. I would like to thank the following: Carrie Swider for all her support and painting. Heather Groenstein for her last minute back-up. Nicole for being awesome model who never moved, and was awesome to work with. Steven Laschever for the photos, and finally Real Artways for asking me to participate. So here are all the photos I have so far, I'm hoping to get some of the painting on Nicole's back side. Please enjoy!

Later-Joe D.

Nicole and me.

The photo above is Carrie, Nicole, and I. And Below is Nicole and her good friend, who also happened to be a fellow Model

Friday, April 3, 2009

Drawing on Walls

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved drawing on walls. This is a pic of a quick drawing I did late at night about a year ago in my last studio. It took about 6 coats of killz to cover that sucker up. He kept bleeding through.

Later - Joe