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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The real life Swampthing!

I was reading

The dude looks like one of my paintings coming to life. Speaking of my paintings...I'm almost done setting up my new Studio and have been listening to a lot of Tool, Hatebreed, and some other various dark albums. So if all goes well you should start to see stuff from by next week.

Later, Joe

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life In The City

Well I'm no longer in search of a place to live. A couple weeks ago I moved into this artist studio apartment. The place, the people, and the building are great. The city has a lot to offer but it is talking some getting used to.

I've already had some real exciting times... everything from hearing gun shots from the parking lot across the street, too a drug search and arrest of some perps.

The highlight so far took place early evening yesterday. The sun was still up, while I watched from a fellow tenets apartment as a man hacked at another man with a machete. It all took place on the double yellow lines in the center of the four lanes of Main Street. Traffic had stopped and dozens of witnesses watched as one guy repeatedly hacked away at the other guy. Cop sirens started coming and the victim got up and limped off as fast as he could while the guy with the machete, calmly concealed his weapon and walked off and disappeared into the alleys. All while this was happening a real heavy woman was screaming while her shoulder was covered in blood. I don't know if it was hers.

Other then that, it's pretty much quiet and laid back.

Later, Joe

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Comic Con 2008

Well I just spent Saturday at Comic Con in NYC. Overall it was a pretty good time, and I was able to make some great contacts. A lot of the booths that I look forward to, weren't there, matter of fact I feel there was a lot less there this year compared to past years. Barely any good freebies, you used to be able to come home with T-shirts , comics, posters, and A shit load of shwag. They put it on a bigger floor this year which kept the smell of fat man-boob sweat down to a minimum.

The security, no joke.

The fucking wicked long line for all the people that were smart enough to buy tickets in advance online. I was one of those assholes.

Wow???? He gets all the chicks.

This one is for "Whitey Bulger"

Just an interior shot.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Comic Con 2008 (The Artist)

I met alot of cool artists, writers and so forth. I was able to get some shots of some of them and others I didn't want to seem like a wierdo and ask for photos. I got to chill with the May brothers for awhile, real cool guys. I also had great conversations with Alex Eckmanlawn, Jesse Farrell, Pamela Paige, Christy Kane(wicked cool), Molly Crabapple, and Susan Heidi. Talked to Michael Whelan's wife for awhile. Last but not least you should check out Jose Lopez's work, great style.

The great Stan Lee

Molly Crabapple doing some sketching.

Gay superhero dude, myself and a girl with a more perverted, twisted sexual humor then me...the lovely Pamela Paige. Take notice of her shirt.

The crazy guys from "True Confessions of a Fanboy"

Just some sick chalk drawings being done on the floor.

Comic Con 2008 (The Ladies)

Where you got Geeks you always got girls wearing barely nothing. That's the natural balance of things.

Here was my entertainment while I waited in that long-ass line to get in.

Here we see Molly Crabapple an illustrator (the girl in yellow kneeling down) doing quick 5 minute sketches of a Burlesque Model/performer Who I believe goes by the name "Legs Malone".

Here I am makeing friends with our lovely Burlesque model. Real freindly girl...

My Ḥarām

Just good times...Real good times...

Comic Con 2008 (The Toys)

Ok, other than going to make contacts, looking at the art and geeks, I was planing on expanding my toy collection. I guess that makes me a freaken geek also. The one thing I wanted was Ashley Wood's limited edition NYC Comic Con Popbot. Which is right below, the damn thing thing was $300. So I walked away empty handed. I included some photos of other toys I liked but couldn't afford. Check them...

This is the Popbot

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"The Shy One at the Orgy" Paintings

So I started to do all the spreads and illustrations for the final graphic novel. I was planing on being done with project by the end of February. Adam and I wanted it ready and printed for NY Comic Con which is the weekend, but life throw me a fucking curve ball and knocked me off course. Now I'm getting back on track and excited to finish the paintings and lay the book out.

Above is the first finished spread. I busted it out in both Oils and Acrylics.

This is the second spread. I've actualy already started painting it, but I didn't snap a shot yet. I'll get that up soon. Here are some close-ups of the spread below.

This is a single page. Nice and naughty!

More to come...

The New Stabucks Logo?

So what is up with the new Starbucks Logo? Every time they change their damn Logo, I have to go and change mine. Here is what I mean:Their last logo...

My version of their Last Logo.

Their new Logo...

My version of their new logo. I guess it's better this way. Not only does it keep me on my toes, it works better with this logo. Long Live Starfucks!