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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life In The City

Well I'm no longer in search of a place to live. A couple weeks ago I moved into this artist studio apartment. The place, the people, and the building are great. The city has a lot to offer but it is talking some getting used to.

I've already had some real exciting times... everything from hearing gun shots from the parking lot across the street, too a drug search and arrest of some perps.

The highlight so far took place early evening yesterday. The sun was still up, while I watched from a fellow tenets apartment as a man hacked at another man with a machete. It all took place on the double yellow lines in the center of the four lanes of Main Street. Traffic had stopped and dozens of witnesses watched as one guy repeatedly hacked away at the other guy. Cop sirens started coming and the victim got up and limped off as fast as he could while the guy with the machete, calmly concealed his weapon and walked off and disappeared into the alleys. All while this was happening a real heavy woman was screaming while her shoulder was covered in blood. I don't know if it was hers.

Other then that, it's pretty much quiet and laid back.

Later, Joe

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