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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Why Artist Shouldn't Work!

I work for an alternative weekly newspaper that is unfortunately owned by a real conservative daily newspaper. Anyways I and all the rest of the company was handed the book you see above and told to read it. It was supposed to help explain what is happening to our company, and oh boy did it.

The book seemed to be a crappy form of a children's book written for adults. Instead it was a gentle way of trying to confuse us into not believing that we are being down sized and assimilated into the mother hive. If you ask me the real title of the book should have been, "Our Iceberg Is Melting, because it's core is full of hot steaming shit." What a waste of life for both the reader and the writer. For a children's book the illustrations weren't that bad, but once again it was meant for adults. So if your boss hands you this book as part of explanation to what is happening to your work place, be comfortable in knowing that your Iceberg has already melted, and a pink slip vacation is probably on its way. WORK SUCKS!

P.S. I think the book is a rip off of the story of Superman, they just use penguins instead. Comic book story lines should never be used in this way. Just Wrong!


annie said...

you're a tool but i love you. im not sure i trust that you actually read the book.

annie said...



you know how we don't have sex?


well last night an angel visited me and now i'm pregnant.

jesus christ!

so you already know about it?