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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Art Without Judges...

Hey just a quick heads-up. I have a few old pieces in the "Art Without Judges" show at the MAC 650 Gallery in Middletown CT this month. The opening is tomorrow night from 7-10. It should be a pretty good time.

I will also be unveiling one of my newest pieces..."Worm vs Slug".It's a much smaller size piece then I usually do. It is a mixed media piece. I used everything from acrylic paint to a Bic pen on it. Oh yeah ...I have to shout out a huge thanks to the extremely talented Carrie Swider for not only framing it for me but also doing a kick ass mat job on it to boot.

If you are jonesing for more new Dinunzio's, then you best be going to the Twinkies and Robots show in November at the MAC 650 Gallery. I'll Blog more about that in the near future!

Later, Joe

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