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Monday, January 14, 2008

Fucked At The Drive-Thru...Again!

Why is it that every time I go to Taco Bell no matter where it is they screw up my order at the drive-thru? I can go inside the very same Taco Bell and order at the counter and they get it right. Now I'm not proud to admit but I've served my time in the fast food industry and I can say without any doubt it is the easiest fucking job out there. How hard can it be? They put little pictures of the menu items right on the frigen ordering key pad. Not only that there are always more than one person working the drive-thru station, your trying to tell me that one out of the three or sometimes four people can't cypher between the picture of the hard taco and the soft Taco. Maybe I'm brilliant, or I just don't understand the modern day pressures of the fast food industry, but when I work there, there were no pictures on the key pad, just words. Idiots.

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