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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chillin in Chelsea

I decided to take a little mini vacation this past week and weekend. So I went all over the place on a zero to nothing budget. I hit New York City and Massachusetts.

On Thursday we hit New York City like a tornado. I checked out a shit load of galleries in Chelsea. While in Chelsea I went to the Joshua Liner Gallery which had a Jeremy Fish exhibit going on. I was fucking psyched seeing that I've only seen his stuff online or in Juxtapoz Magazine. Then I found out on September 6th Greg Simkins was haveing an Opening there...real fucking sweet! I plan on going.

paintings above from left too right Jeremy Fish, Greg Simkins

Then we hit the MOMA, which had a new Dali: Painting and Film exhibit that was only open to MOMA members. But I sweet-talked the girl maning the entrance into letting me and posse in for free. It was freaken worth it! I believe it opens to the General public next week. You should check it.

Later, Joe

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