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Friday, June 27, 2008

GBS 2008

I was asked to do an illustration for the Hartford Advocate's 2008 Grand Band Slam, other wise known as GBS 2008. I had about 2 hours to cook something up, and here he is... The one the only Gearshaft Malloy. Former lead singer for the band "Jimmy Beats Wood". He was unfortunately killed last year while trying to use a blender to make a skittles and prune smoothy on stage while on tour. His wig got caught in the blender and yanked his face in. What a mess, but the pit kids loved it. So the band is looking for a new singer. R.I.P. Gearshaft.

Later, Joe


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe its georges !!!
I like what you've done with it. good job! just trying to keep in touch

Joseph A. Dinunzio said...

Hey Georges what's up? Thank you sir for the props. Drop me an email and tell me how the new job is going.