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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The LEGO Opening...TONIGHT!

So I know it's kind of last minute notice and everything, but I thought I would just let you peeps know about the show I'm in tonight. The LEGO Company is having an in house Gallery show at the headquarters located in Sunny Connecticut. I have ten pieces in the show. All the Twinkies and Robot paintings I did, four of my sculptures including the one I collaborated on with Carrie Swider, and one new mixed media illustration which I just cranked out last week. That's it down below. The opening is tonight February 5th, from 6-9pm, at the LEGO Systems, Inc. 555 Taylor Road. Enfield, CT 06082. If you are board, please check it out.

Above is the final illustration, and below is the original drawing. The final piece was 11"x14".

Later, Joe D.

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