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Monday, April 13, 2009

Do Bunnies Lay Eggs?

So yesterday was Easter, and as I do every year, I wonder why the Hell is it bunnies and eggs. After thinking about for a while I started to wonder what it wound be like if bunnies did lay eggs. I also imagined that the Easter Bunny would have to lay eggs on the run, seeing how many stops he is required to make. So here is my quick drawing I did for a visual, for all those who ponder the very same question.

Also one final note. For all of you following the illustrations I was doing for the Hartford Advocates News of the Weird column, I am NO longer illustrating for them. My term of service for the Advocate came to an end a few weeks back, and they decided to go with an illustrator who would do it for basically free. I can understand their decision in these times, and my time isn't free. So it was kind of fun while it lasted.

Later, Joe

1 comment:

Susan Gudat said...

wow, what a priceless image that will forever be burned into my head when I think of the easter bunny... well done!