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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Did Ancient Romans use slug slime as an early form of KY Jelly?

YES!! The Salty Slug has been getting a lot questions asked about its' first blog post, "The Top 20 Unknown Facts About Slugs". It seems that fact #10, "Ancient Romans used slug slime as an early form of KY Jelly" is in question. Oh Boy it's true, and matter of a fact it is also a little unknown secret that one of the untold ingredients in KY Jelly is slug slime. Since The Salty Slug let the cat out of the bag with it's top notch investigative reporting, the manufactures of KY Jelly products have decided to embrace their secret ingredient, rather than hide it. Above is a real photo of the new packaging that is soon to be hitting the shelves in a store near you. Not only are they putting the main ingredient on the package, but they are now adding 20% more Slug Slime. This is great news for the users, real bad news for slugs everywhere.

Disclaimer: This whole thing is complete Bullshit.

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