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Friday, June 8, 2007

The Squirrels of Bushnell Park

I was in Bushnell Park last night for an work related event. And every time I'm there I see some strange shit going on, who knows maybe it's just me. My buddy Will who is a big Hartford History buff told me the reason why they built Bushnell Park back in the day was to bring the poor and the upper class together. Well it kind of worked.

So anyways I like the park because all the cool stuff it has to offer. Such as, a Merry-go-round, hot corporate chicks sunning them selves at lunch, and the best damn Thai food which is served from a truck. But the park also has a dark and bizarre side.While having lunch there I've found every type of thing imaginable from a full set of dentures too a small pile of drug needles.

Well last night the park didn't let me down. I came across one of five mummified maggot infested dead squirrels. Even though the squirrels were quite dead they were teaming with a a full abundance of life. Everything from maggots and worms too beetles and gnats. Great stuff. I took a couple of photos of it with my cellphone. I even tried to take a video of it, you know to capture the pulsating pile of maggots located in it's ass and stomach region. The video came out like shit and so did most the photos, but here are the two that weren't so bad. Please enjoy.

Here is the full body shot.
And here is the close-up of the head. Spoooky!

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