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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Potty-Bot Sketch

This is the newest discovery in my bathroom wallpaper series. Just as I did with "Crack Boy", I discovered "Potty-Bot" while my eyes were scanning the patterns in the wallpaper. There are a bunch of these little beasties hiding in there and I plan to draw them all. Some of which I've come up with story lines for them, so we'll see. So in the mean time keep posted and I'll try to give this guy some color.


Anonymous said...

It is not yet proved that a fib is truthfull, let alone resemble itself in any form. Should not use(names) limitless minds, to advertise your lines on a bathroom wall. Your scribbles have no relevance to these great artist? Why do you use the word surrealism? Do you know the definition, is there one? Use your hands and mind, not your common eardrum that you hear these names being thrown around. Bellmer would probably have your eyes for his doll if he heard you even speak his name.

Joseph A. Dinunzio said...

Listen you little Bitch; First of all You can take your back woods broken English poetry and shove it up your ass. Second, If you are going to criticize me and my work do it in a constructive manor, not this type of hit and run fashion. Last and definitely not the least don’t come to my Blog and talk shit about me and my work you don’t have the fucking balls to use your real name…You have no honor with this “anonymous” bullshit!

Fuck you very much,

Anonymous said...

anonymous person,

you're gay.