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Thursday, June 7, 2007


Growing up I was a huge Fan of G.I.*JOE, Star Wars, and the Transformers. Yeah even He Man when I was younger. They made my already over active imagination kick into over time. So from time to time I'll do a search online to visit my past and put a huge ass smile on my face.

So anyway I found this site which has a shit load of info on the history of G.I.JOE. In addition to info on the toys they also have the file cards from the back of the boxes. So I've attached a few for your visual enjoyment.

Yes there was an action figure called "Sea Slug" who came out in 1987 and he was a member of Cobra, a world wide terrorist organization bent on taking over the world. The only difference he didn't look like that. GOOOO JOE!

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